Kid Christmas gift guides

Plush rocker||My kids each have one of these plush rockers and they still play with them. Definitely think I will be keeping them as keepsakes.

Blanket||The colors of this blanket are my absolute favorite

You matter pillow||Because what precious kiddo doesn't need this constant reminder

Bee toy||Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen!! I need another baby just so I can justify buying it

Octopus plush toy||This little toy is so good. It has all different textures and sensory parts to it, perfect for developing babies.

Tent||Similar colors to that blanket I love...every kids needs a tent in their lives

Wooden Koala||Wooden Mammoth||I am obsessed with any wooden toy...they keep so well and truly are precious keepsakes

Plush Caterpillar||this caterpillar is the perfect sensory plush to for babies. 

Bean bag||Cayson has requested a bean bag for Christmas and I am thinking this one is perfect for his room and one that will grow with him.

Bike||I love these bikes and am loving the color of this one. 

Turtle back pack||I need a toddler boy just for this backpack....I plan to buy it just so I can save it to gift it later.

Electric car||Obsessed with this cute little wooden electric car today

Tool set||Cayson's tool set was one of his favorite toys as a toddler....and like I said...give me all the wooden toys.

Lunch box||we are obssessed with backpacks and lunchboxes to keep things organized and for travel

Puzzle||Cayson loves puzzles, I will be grabbing him this one for sure

Drum set||Is this drum set not the cutest thing not as loud as a real one...a perfect first drum set to play on

Easel||Our Easel was one of our favorite purchases the color and quality of this one

Doll house||I have been eyeing this large acrylic doll house for years....I think it would look so amazing in our playroom, I have heard people say they have seen them at Home Goods on occasion....maybe I'll get lucky 

Desk||This is what Addi is wanting for Christmas, I think because her big brother and sister have one. I love it. I'm thinking a pink or black one would be perfect for her room

Surgeon kit||My little Addi is obsessed with playing doctor, I have never seen a surgeon play set....I love this

Pop it purse||I mean who doesn't love a good pop it right now?! I love this adorable little purse to carry all her things

Elastic bracelet maker||Izzy got this for her birthday and they literally play with it every day. This clay bead set will be under the tree for her this year.

Luggy basket||Addi is baby doll obsessed...this cute little buggy basket would be well loved

Moses basket||I have also eyed this for years and I went to order it and it is sold out until January....thinking I will order for her birthday but please notice it probably won't be here before Christmas...I was so sad

Gymnastics bar||If you have little climbers or gymnasts I am telling you, this is our most played with toy of all kids play on it EVERY single day!

What is on your sweet kiddos Santa lists?

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