Men and Women's Christmas gift guides


Chanel coffee table book||Louis Vuitton book||Coco Chanel book|| These coffee table books are absolute perfection! They are perfect classics.

Mini Fridge||Everyone needs a mini fridge. Perfect for beauty products, drinks, etc.

YSL purse||A big splurge but definitely at the top of my list. This is beautiful and a classic. 

Initial necklace||I have loved this necklace forever. Its a great everyday wear necklace.

Kid initials necklace||I have a full kid's name necklace that I am obsessed with and wear all the time. I love this dainty one for layering. 

Rechargeable USB lighters||These are the cutest and most useful lighters. They would be a cute addition to a table next to a candle.

Match Cloche||I had been eyeing these every time I went into a local store and finally grabbed one to add to my coffee table decor. 

Hat||I am absolutely obsessed with this hat. I have it in multiple colors. I have so many friends that have ordered it as well.

Blanket||I have this blanket in last years version in every color, in every room. The tassel makes the perfect decor addition.

Apple Watch||I got Dennis an Apple watch for Christmas last year and we are both absolutely obsessed.

Hand warmers||These are a must have especially if you have a golfer, hunter or man that has to sit outside during the cold and watch sports games:)

Solo Stove||If you want a smokeless firepit that is also beautiful, this is a must have.

Power Washer||I don't know any man that doesn't want or love a good power washer. We have one and we use it and people borrow it all the time.

Under Armour pants||This are a must have. Dennis has had 3 pairs and I have gifted them to my BIL.  They run true to size.

Hoka shoes||Everyone I work with right now has these shoes. I'm eyeing a pair myself. They are so incredible comfortable and stylish of course.

3-1 blower/vacuum/mulcher||Ummm in all honesty I'm the one that wants this. I would do anything for a vacuum outside sometimes. Love that this one also doubles as a blower and mulcher. 

Away suitcase||Dennis is having to travel more and I grabbed this for him for his birthday. I got the oversized carryon. It is the perfect size and the biggest plus is it has a charger-his phone is always dead and this is perfect for charging while travelling. 

Portable charger||Read above, Dennis' phone is never charged so we rely on this incredible thing every day. 

What are some other things you are wishing for or the men in your lives have requested?

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