Teacher Christmas gift guide


Wall calendar|| We have this wall calendar in our study and absolutely love it. It is beautiful and so convenient. I love that it isn't dated so you can use it year after year. This would look beautiful in any classroom.

Acrylic organizer||Fill this adorable organizer with your teachers most requested/favorite pens, sharpies etc...such a pretty addition to a desk if I do say so. We have one similar in our study but I love the gold detail on this one.

Tassel candle||Grab this beautiful candle to throw with a gift card for your favorite teachers...I have one similar in my kitchen and it adds beautiful color and detail:)

Blanket||I have to admit that I have this blanket, last years version, in every color, in every room. If you know your teachers style these are also perfect to pair with a gift card.

Capri blue oil||I have never met someone that didn't love Capri blue smell...if you know your teacher loves her a diffuser this will not disappoint

Capri blue candle||Same with this candle....I have one in almost every room in all different colors. SO beautiful and smells amazing.

Hand warmer||If you have a teacher that you know has recess or carpool line duty these things are amazing. They have over 14,000 positive reviews on Amazon. I need like 10 of them to keep some charged at all times.

Drink warmer||If you have a tea or coffee loving teacher this is perfect, it has 9,000 positive reviews. We all know teachers like mommas never get to finish their coffee so this will keep it warm!

Champagne/Wine||Need I say more....if you have a wine loving teacher a nice bottle packaged pretty is always a great choice

And a recurring theme as you saw....when I poll teachers every year they always say....gift cards, gift cards, gift cards, gift cards...plus a heart felt note:)

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