Teen Christmas gift guides


Mini Theragun||I love this mini Theragun...I think this is a great gift idea for any teen or athlete.

Beats headphones||AirPods||I am honestly in love with both of these headphone options. While obviously completely different they are both great options. AirPods are my go to but Beats headphones are great for using with kids and their iPads etc. 

Xbox||We have an Xbox in our living room and media room. We use it as our DVD player/TV organization of all the apps and gaming for the guys of course.

Hover board||Need I explain. All 3 of our kids are obsessed and will have a hoverboard by Christmas:)

GoPro||I think this is the most fun gadget for anyone. If you have a teenager loving filming or sports this is a really fun idea. 

Backpack||These backpacks are some of our absolute favorites. All 3 kids have them and we use them to travel with all the time.

Beverage fridge||I think a beverage fridge is such a fun idea if you have a teen boy that loves to game with his friends in his room. 

Nintendo Switch||This is such a fun option for travelling and if you have friends that have one as well you can connect the remotes to have more players. Cayson is already requesting 2 more remotes for Christmas. 

Chromebook||My kids all think they need laptops, I think these Chromebooks are great options for first laptops to have. 

Wall paper||I am planning to redo the girl's bathrooms soon. I purchased this wall paper forever ago and plan to put it above their sinks and replace their light fixtures and mirrors in gold. I am obsessed and can't wait. 

Mirror||This is the mirror I was thinking about but the price tag is hefty and Izzy likes this plain gold mirror just as much. 

Desk||This desk is absolutely beautiful. Izzy already has a desk so I am eyeing it for Addilyn's room or this pink one:)

Chromebook||Isabella got one for her birthday last year and feels so mature and grown up with it. She uses it all the time.

Water bottle||Our new favorite water bottles. They have a straw and pour mechanism and are the perfect size for long school and gymnastics days.

Floor pillows||Isabella saw these and fell in love. They are the perfect colors for her room, they are currently sold out but I'm crossing my fingers they come back in stock.

Hair organization||We have these for Isabella headbands and scrunchies and it is so nice

Earring organizer||Isabella got this for under her sink and we both love that it keeps all her stray earrings organized.

Headbands||This is the best headband set, I'm thinking I need one too;)

Heart organizer||I'm thinking Isabella needs this on top of her desk. Her desk is always such a disaster despite what I have on there. Plus it is just so cute.

Since I don't have any true teenagers let me know if there are hot items your teens are dying for this year! This was a very requested list, so I'm hoping I did it justice;)

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