Easter home decor and favorites

My home decor is such that it is just easier for me to hop from one holiday/season to the next. Are you a take down decor the day after a holiday or wait a month? I'm team take down ASAP, haha! I love a fresh start and color. I know it seems early to put up Easter but in my defense the kids table is set for St Patrick's day, so I didn't technically skip it;)

It seems a little early to share my Easter home decor and faves, but I don't know about your stores but if I don't grab things the first time I see them they are sold out.


  1. I only decorate for Halloween and Christmas. And I'm a Take-It-Down ASAP kinda girl. Your Easter decor is very pretty.

    1. Aw those are the best to decorate for. I'm also a take down ASAP. Thank you so much!