Friday Favorites




ONE. Home accessory favorites....I am in a complete remodel/reorganization mode over at our casa. Sharing a few of my current faves!!

TWO. Head shots by Jenny Martell Photography. I have been wanting/needing some head shots for work so when Jenny posted her shoot on Facebook I knew I had to do it. I have had this idea in my head to capture what I look like in my surgical gear and I LOVE the way they turned out. I have a few more I will share later. I am starting to do injections and fillers at one of my plastic surgeons offices and am loving it. I love to learn and this has given me the opportunity to learn nd grow and I am loving it. If you are local....come see me at Vida Bela Plastic Surgery:)

I have never been captured in my surgical hat and loupes! Such a treasure

THREE. St Patrick's Day....I hated that St Patrick's day fell on a weekday this year...the last few it has hit on a weekend or Spring Break and we have made it so fun. We still managed to squeak out a trap (dang we didn't catch the Leprechaun again;)), some festive lunches/snacks and charcuterie. 

FOUR. Garage wall makeover and organization. We had a garage locker on this wall for years that I loved but when I got my huge SUV it didn't fit well without me constantly hitting it so we got rid of it. This wall was ugly and drove me crazy for years. I painted the door pink several years ago and it still makes me happy! A little left over paint and some organization and now I'm in love.

FIVE. Rolling guys I might have a slight obsession with these rolling carts. I have 4 in Addi's room for shoes, one in the playroom for toys, this one for sunscreen/pool toys and the newest one in the garage for skates and helmets. The bottom one is the Target version, I bought the Container Store one for the garage and it is $5 cheaper. They look and feel almost identical. Ikea also has a version that is almost the exact same. 
I also gave this rusty cart a quick makeover with some spray paint, it was originally blue and starting to rust. I was honestly about to throw it away and decided I should at least try some paint...and it turned out perfect!

This is the paint I used to transform this cart and my barstools outside!! My motto is if it can't make it worse minds well give it a try

Happy Friday friends!!

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