Easter 2022

 We had the absolute best, busiest Easter weekend. Between hosting Addi's bday party on Saturday and all the fun Easter festivities I feel like I am just now recovering, so is my house. Until yesterday it looked like a unicorn and Easter bomb went off in our house.....hours of cleaning later and a good nights sleep I feel back to normal. We added lunch at a sweet friend's house after church this year and had the absolute best time! 

Charcuterie with my sister wife Emily;) We know how to champs and charcuterie together so well!

SO thankful for this sweet group of girls

Tatum's kids table was adorable...Joyful day to the decor assist

Isabella's Easter basket...I found the adorable rainbow cup and glasses holder at Michael's and her Tomagotchi (hello nostalgia-this is the popular thing right now) were the best finds this year

Nothing like starting the day with a delicious Bloody mary

Love this girl..

SO thankful to get to do life with these girls

This is my ginormous, incredible family!!

Addi's Easter basket!

These two cuties are my favorite!

I slacked this year on the Easter festiveness so we crammed it all into 3 days!

My biggest blessings Easter morning

Love this precious girl! I get a picture of all 3 every year and I forgot this year:( May have to dress them back up just for a pic;)

Hope you had an absolute blessed Easter!

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. Love all the pretty decor and food.