Outdoor space favorites


Our patio is in need of a makeover. I have struggled with our layout and vision for our patio. I'm still not 100% sure our plan but I am loving all of these finds.

Lights-every patio needs these lights. We are on our 3rd set of light bulbs and I still love them. 

Egg chair- I have been obsessed with this chair for years. Emerald green is one of my favorite colors right now and I love the accent it provides.

Grey table-I have debated the new seating arrangement that I want outside. A table isn't ideal for our space but is ideal for how much we entertain. This is next on my list and love that it has Bench option for one side. 

Metal over the table rod- I have been eyeing this since I saw it on IG. I NEED it for entertaining, so much you can do with it! I can't wait to use it this weekend for Addilyn's birthday party!

Accent pillow-I am accent pillow obsessed. Love the colors and tassels of this outdoor pillow.

Umbrella-I have eyed this tassel umbrella and finally took the plunge and found it in stock. 

Wicker deep bench-I am obsessed with this look. I haven't taken the plunge on it just yet but I am loving this style.

Egg swing chair-I have debated a swinging egg chair vs a stationary one. I do love to swing but I'm concerned it could be a hazard with 3 kids and 2 dogs haha!

Side table-I have one of these between our lounge chairs and think I need 2 more!! It has held up so well outside.

Utility cart-I have 3 of these in our home and I can't recommend them more. They are perfect storage solutions. Ours outside holds all our sunscreen, goggles and pool toys!

What do you love in your outdoor space?

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