Nordstrom Men's favorites


Anyone else do 99% of the shopping for their man? I do!! Dennis is super picky but I found so many favorite this year.

 Blue button up||Psycho bunny blue top||Travis Mathew shirt-there are so many casual men's casual collared shirts that I absolutely love

Quarter zip sweater||this is a perfect throw on sweater 

Leather belt||love this classic belt 

Paisley silk tie||It is no secret that I absolutely love a boy or man in pink...I truly think it is my favorite

Straight jeans||Straight leg light jeans||Slim straight leg pants||had to help Dennis transition to straight jeans this year and I am loving all these 

Restore joggers||if you have a guy that loves joggers these are amazing! Trying to convince Dennis he would love them

High top sneakers||I think these are my absolute favorite. Someone please grab them, I don't think Dennis is ready for this transition yet;)

Duffle bag||this is a perfect weekender bag

Wool sport coat||Jay Trim suit||this sport coat and suit are stunning. I love them

Puffer jacket||Dennis has a jacket in this color and I love how versatile it is

Cloud running shoes|| These are Dennis' absolute favorite shoes

Vans|| These are great every day shoes you can dress up or down

Performance shorts||these are the best everyday shorts that are easy to dress up or down as well

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