Tween skincare favorites

Tween skin care favorites....

Skin care fridge: Izzy has this pink one and we have gifted it to her bestie. Addi is begging for one and I've been eyeing this one for her!

Lip masks: Izzy and her friends love these. This pack is great for gifting and party favors.

Skin bag: we are obsessed with these bags...I think we have one of each. My next one I want is the SPF bag for summer:)

Jade roller: a cute gift for friends and the perfect item for their fridge

Brushes and accessory holder: This brush set is a perfect get started set and the gold accessory holder fits all my organizational dreams.

Cleansing brush: this is what Izzy is currently begging for and I grabbed one for her Easter basket:) Ladies I don't even have one of these haha

Cetaphil: Is my favorite gentle daily, clean, facial cleanser for teens, you can't beat the price either

CerVue: is a wonderful and clean facial moisturizer and I have tried to teach Izzy the importance of facial and hand sunscreen daily...for now she uses this but their tinted CC cream is great for teens wanting a little more color

Skin care wipes: Izzy likes to have these for her gym bag and for after gymnastics. These rate on the green score for Think Dirty-if you don't have this app for products yet you need it!

I love that Izzy is learning the value of taking care of her skin already! I wish I had done so before 10 years ago like I did!


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