Summer camp must haves


Oh my goodness my sweet babies headed off to their first overnight camp this summer and I unexpectedly got to go as the camp nurse. It was amazing, exhausting, all the things wrapped into one!!

I was a rookie but the kids came home and there wasn't anything they didn't have or anything they said they wished they had! WINNING!! 

Most camps sends out a good packing list so make sure to check those for camp specific items! 

I was asked by quite a few IG followers to share all my tips so here goes....
        (also, I'm no expert, share any advice you have!

Trunks:: Okay so I got Izzy this trunk and Cayson this plastic trunk and I love Cayson's SO much more. It is more spacious, lighter and easier to roll. SO I'm so glad I also chose the plastic for Addilyn-hers is a pretty coral color:) Also, this trunk organizer was a game changer! I need to see how one fits in Cayson's trunk, I'll report back;)

Daily packing:: Okay packing the kid's outfits in Ziploc bags and labeling them per day made it SO easy for them, even if Cayson came home with 3 extra unused, haha! I just used galloon size ziploc bags but I've already ordered these reusable bags for next year. I also ordered one of these assortment packs:) You can never have too many storage bags in my opinion! Then I put everything into packing cubes to organize their trunks. You can 100% put the underwear and socks in each labeled day bag but I put them separately in packing cubes since I packed tons extra!

Spirit nights:: Izzy was ALL over the spirit nights and Cayson didn't want to participate at all, typical;) I labeled each of their spirit nights in a separate galloon bag with the day of the week. We found almost every spirit night outfit on Amazon or from things we already had. Cayson did participate in a couple days and I did pack themed shirts "just in case." 

Toiletries:: Most girl's had these cute caddies to take their items to the shower, like in college, but Cayson said only one boy had one in his cabin. Cayson just had all of his in a travel bag. I had both kids grab what toiletries that wanted from the travel section and you would have thought it was the best thing ever. It worked out perfect because I didn't feel bad about throwing away almost empty bottles or storing unused ones for later!

Car paint:: These temporary markers worked so well. Make sure and get the wide tip markers, our small ones did not work car sat with this paint for a week through the heat and the car wash was still able to remove it in one wash.

Backpacks:: Backpacks or fanny packs are an absolute must for campers/nurses/counselors for sure! Izzy and I both took our Lulu crossbody bags and a drawstring bag-that broke halfway through the week so she used my Lulu backpack and I still haven't gotten it back. A drawstring bag is perfect, just make sure its good quality and not old like Izzys. Cayson used this drawstring bag and he carried it every day. These gatorade water bottles were also perfect and I didn't care if they got lost, I wouldn't send their favorite Stanley or water bottle!

Fans:: This is the tiny portable fan I bought both kiddos. Our weather ended up being strangely cold and rainy most days for a June in Texas, but the kids said these were a must have for the hot days. I also had one of these for myself  because I expected it to be 200 degrees out,  but I ended up being cold way more often than I was hot!! Izzy requested a bed clip on fan for next year! She loves her white noise!

Sunscreen and bug spray::I sent both kiddos with a good face and body sunscreen. They also both took a couple different insect sprays but neither needed them. I was shocked to see only 1-2 mosquitos all week!! yes! This is my favorite mosquito repellent. I love Supergoop sunscreen and have my kids apply face sunscreen with a brush and touch up with a stick or spray. I also packed them this stain remover my friend Kaiti introduced me to, it works amazing!

Flashlight::Make sure a pack them a flash light, I vinyl'd their names on the side of theirs. I even used a flash light most night!

Laundry bags::I grabbed 2 monogrammed laundry bags from a local business and I highly recommend. Izzy had hers stored away perfect, Cayson not so much haha, but we just have room for growth;) Just remind your little to hang up the wet clothes to dry before putting them in the bag!

Notebooks, pens, bracelet makers also made the trunks for downtime:)

Okay I know some of you momma's also have some great ideas...send my way!!

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