Organic Vegetable/fruit Co-op

So Dennis and I recently decided to join an organic vegetable and fruit co-op with some of our sweet friends!! It was such a great decision.

Here is the 411 on the co-op:

It's called Urban Acres: Local Organic Market website here.

We decided to join and get a full share and split it with our friends that way if either of us is out of town or we don't want something in particular that the other loves we can share:) Look at us being all sharesy!!

So it is $50 for a full share or $25 for a half share every 2 weeks and we just pick up our produce on Saturday.

They email us ahead of time what will be in our share and then links to lots of recipes:)

Why we love it?:
1. All the vegetables and fruits are organic and grown locally...supporting our local farmers and avoiding pesticides..what could be better!

2. We have tried some incredible veggies that we would otherwise probably never thought to try-insert-Purple Majesty Potatoes

3. For only $25 every 2 weeks we have a fridge full of healthy fruits and veggies.

4. It gives my chef hubby a challenge to find some new, yummy, healthy recipes.

Here are a few of the recipes we have tried and loved so far:

I highly recommend you look up to see if you have a local co-op in your area. Definitely recommend it, so easy, healthy and convenient.

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