10 month must haves

10 month must haves

Each month brings so many new and fun things....I can't help but think all the time "where does the time go?" I can't believe I'm a momma to a 10 month old...here are our faves this past month

1. banana-I talked about this here when I talked about our favorite safe teethers....we love how this one  has officially transitioned to our first toothbrush

2.toothpaste-Our lil one only has 2 teeth right now but it's honestly never too early to start brushing their teeth....as soon as a tooth erupts, it is time to start getting them used to having their teeth brushed....of course, we are loving this perfect organic toothpaste...I got the raspberry flavor and Isabella loves it...we just added it onto her night time routine right before lotion:)

3. moccs-we are love, love, loving these moccs...they are a little big but they will transition so easily into the fall that we are dreaming about right now...

4. snacktrap-this thing is a life saver...keeps lil miss entertained for hours...okay maybe not hours but it is a lifesaver when I need her to be preoccupied...plus she loves puffs and cheerios

5. gate-Isabella loves our stairs...this month we officially had to put up the dreaded, house decor ruining baby gates...we thought we were going to have to get custom fit ones but my sweet hubs was able to get these to work...I was secretly hoping for custom ones so they would match our wrought iron but we were desperate, in a time crunch so these work great...

6. pushtoy-it was time for our lil cruiser to have a push toy...I love how heavy and sturdy this one is so she can easily pull up to stand with it without it falling over on her...

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