Foto Friday

I had today off, it was heavenly...I am just now sitting down for the first time since 7:30 this morning....such a busy, productive, fun day!!

This week was like every other....busy, fun and I continue to be thankful....Mimi had to have her port out because it was looking infected....we were sad about it at first but then thankful....thinking its God's way of saying "done and done!!"
Kissing her "bay bay"

We had a beautiful date with daddy at Mi Cocina....we enjoyed the patio for 2 hours and this girl was Uh..mazing!!

Love her and her lil mummy onesie I made

She got to have her first tortilla....she was in heaven:)

For the 3rd year in a row I have helped organize and coordinate....Pink Heart Funds and Salon Rene coming out to cut ponytals for donation to PHF...we got 46 ponytails this year...from cuts and donations throughout the year...their great cause here

Wearing Teal for my momma, pink for all my loves who have fought breast cancer-Kelly, grandma, Melissa and too all fighting all kinds of cancers...
So proud of everyone involved....

My cutie pie and I we do best...we make at least 1 trip a week to Target

She is loving chicken these days...thank goodness since she has become oobber picky these days

"Boo"berry quinoa yogurt
I made this yogurt using the directions I posted here and just wrote "boo" with blueberries..easy peasy

She loved it!!

Telling the best Mimi and mommy in the world a happy mom is the most amazing woman in the world...I pray everyday I am at least half the mom she was to us!!

This guys she is such a ham...she is quite the funny, jokester these days...makes me laugh more than I ever have in my life...

Weaning from breastfeeding has proven to be hard on both of us...for some health reasons for me it is time and for miss Isabella welp its almost a year;( tear!!!

Weaning from boob, to bottle, to sippy cup...ugh much harder than I thought...very emotional for both of us....she just wants mommy these days...she had become very fond of breastfeeding the last couple months so I knew I was in trouble...

Drink a little- stick out my tongue.try to give mommy my bottle, refuse sippy cup, get bottle...eek

Day off+paint+paint brush=crazy paint-a-thon, next up kid table and chairs:)
I've had these frames forever....and they finally got some paint...

Isabella received her first birthday gift in the mail from her Auntie Kristin...we are hoping her sweet girl arrives Nov 3rd...wouldn't that be SO fun!!!

Happy, happy Friday! Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. She's getting so big! I see some mommy in her in some of these pics!