Noble one

Our sweet baby girl officially has a name! We've actually had it for several weeks now but wanted to wait to tell our families (Marsha in particular) at Christmas time before announcing it. I've talked a lot about how much we pray and think about our kiddos names and how important we think they are. I actually went back and read through my old posts when we named Isabella and Cayson and literally wept through them. I wept and praised God for His faithfulness in our story and our family. We are truly blessed far more than we deserve. Here's the post with the details behind our sweet baby girl. And it's official:

Addilyn Jo

Oh sweet Addilyn Jo! I have called you Addilyn from the day we found out you were a girl. Before you were conceived I dreamed, prayed, and hoped for you! I talked about my dream here but it was very clear to me about a year ago that a sweet little girl would be joining us and Addilyn was the name that always stuck with me.  We debated a few other names: Savannah, Claire, and Skylar but none seemed as fitting as Addilyn. Addilyn means noble-I love that. Your middle name was going to be Rose and Isabella still tells people it is Addilyn Rose on occasion but I was driving one day thinking how we could honor our Papaw Joe (Joseph) Edward with your name and I said Addilyn Jo out loud. I dismissed it at first because it sounded SO country but I mentioned it to your daddy and he felt like maybe that was it. Then crazily your Mamaw mentioned using Jo the very next week and from there no other name would do. So our sweet Addi Jo, Addilyn Jo- you are so wild in my tummy already that I think this sweet, spunky name might just fit your personality just perfectly!! Jo means may Jehovah give/increase and we already feel that you are the biggest gift. You sweet girl, oh we can't wait to meet you. You are the completion to our sweet little family and I cannot wait for your sissy and bubba to meet you. They already love and adore you as much as we do. And for memories sake if you were a boy you would have been Beau or Finn Edward:)

Here are the posts with the stories of naming Isabella and Cayson.  

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