Friday Favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

ONE. Salmon burgers. We had these Salmon burgers this week and they are a favorite.  Salmon is so good for you but I am extremely picky on how I eat it, I don't love the major fishy taste so this is the perfect way to serve it for me:) I am still a huge Pinterest fan for recipes, I don't pin as much as I used to but still love it. You can find my healthy dinner board here.

TWO. MacBook Laptop. My laptop is slowly dying. It has been a trusty little thing and loved and supported me all through grad school, so we are talking almost 10 years old. MacBooks may have a heftier price but they truly last forever. Mine honestly would probably last longer if it wasn't for all the photos and videos on it, eek. So I am officially on the hunt for a new one and am obsessing over this new gold and rose gold versions they have now, love!

THREE. Kendra Scott birthday discount. I absolutely love that KS offers a 50% off birthday discount. Not many companies offer such a generous discount. I do also LOVE that Starbucks gives you a free drink for your birthday. Way to go KS and Starbucks. I couldn't let June pass by without using my discount. I finally grabbed these earrings. I've been in desperate need of some classic gold earrings. My other top choice was these. I love the mix of gold and rose gold. 

FOUR. Netflix and Firestick. We cancelled Netflix years ago and I finally got it again so I could watch a few shows on maternity leave. I'm embarrassed to say I binge watched a few too many in my first 2 months of maternity leave. I think I watched more TV those 2 months than I ever have in my life ha! I highly, highly recommend Parenthood and 13 reasons why. I could not be stopped. I finished every show in every season:) I'm currently watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and plan to watch Orange is the New Black next. Okay besides all the shows for me I love that it has a kid profile. My kids can watch so many cute shows and movies-currently watching Secret Life of Pets, Moana, Finding Dory-so many to choose from. And if you haven't launched into the world of the Firestick, run do it now. I love that everything is at the push of a button. I honestly don't know if we will need cable much longer, if it wasn't for sports for the hubs we definitely wouldn't!

FIVE. Fourth of July weekend. I have always loved Fourth of July. The pool parties, the fireworks, the late nights. I love all of it. We just decided last minute to grab a hotel room in Addison for after Kaboom town with some friends. We may be crazy but after surviving 2 nights in a single room last weekend we've gotten brave and feel invincible haha! I can't wait. I think the kids are going to love it!  They haven't ever been right up close to fireworks and they are at the perfect ages for it, I'm hopeful Addilyn will sleep away in my Solly wrap!

Happy Friday! I'm thankful for the weekend but don't love how fast time is flying, it means work is just that much closer for me:(


  1. That KS birthday discount is one of the best kept secrets. I got the necklace in silver/gold like the filigree mixed pair of earrings you were considering. I also got the earrings in silver and now I want the gold. I just got a Mac last year and I LOVE IT!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Right I can't believe Kendra Scott offers it, love it! I got that necklace for my mom and am obsessed with it, I need it for myself:) Love, love Mac! Glad you love yours!