f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Fawn Design!! These bags are my absolutely favorite! I have a large camel and small blush that go just about everywhere with us! I’ll have to do a what’s in my bag post soon!

TWO. Oscillococciunum and Elderberry...So the plague i.e. the flu officially hit me this week. I have never had the flu and man it was tough. I am finally on the mend and have been fever free for 12 hours now. I am ready to hug my big kids (who went to stay with Mimi and Mama so they wouldn't get sick) and praying my little Addilyn doesn't get sick. I wish I had been better about doing all the things I mentioned here for myself and not just the kids, why are mommas the worst?!

THREE. This mug...it was totally made for me. Any of the Target sayings on mugs, t-shirts etc were all made for me;) Since being quarantined in the house for 2.5 days my need for a Target trip is just increasing;)

FOUR. Crock pot meals...out of desperation to have better meal planning I have busted out my crock pot so much the last few weeks. Here are a few of my favorite crock pot meal posts here and here and here is my Crock pot Pinterest board!

FIVE. It's Friday....I'm on the mend....goodbye ridiculous week;)
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