Introducing solids....round three

This post is a little bit overdue, ha! We officially started Addilyn on solids at 6 months old. We started with avocado just as we did with Isabella and Cayson. She was a huge fan and so far only gives us the squishy uncertain face on occasion. She is eating just about everything besides eggs, peanut butter and strawberries. I gave her, her first bite of chicken this weekend at 8.5 months and she was a fan. She officially has 4 teeth and an appetite to match:)

I have several old blog posts that are still extremely popular from our journey with Isabella and Cayson, I've linked them at the bottom. 

My solid must haves include the above Mash and Serve bowl, Beaba cooker, Boon spoon above and mason jars or this Beaba container for freezing baby food. I have used all of these items with all three babes and they are still going strong:)

Store bought baby food has come a long way and while I make a lot of my baby food now I love all the new organic pouch options they have. They did not have as many of these options available when Isabella was starting solids. Our go to brands are: Plum organics, Happy Baby and Ella pouches. 

Pumpkin, banana and sweet potatoes are Addilyn's absolute favorites so I'm sharing my two quick easy recipes below:)

Pumpkin + banana

2 whole bananas
16 oz organic pumpkin puree

Slice banana into small slices, puree in Beaba. Add pureed pumpkin. 
Pour into Beaba silicone freeze container. Makes about 24 ounces of baby food. 

(You can cook your own pumpkin but when I found this organic pre-pureed pumpkin I was sold:)) With three little ones I'm all about convenience. 

Sweet potato + banana

2 sliced bananas
2 cups sliced sweet potatoes

First slice your 2 bananas and approximately 2 cups of sweet potato. Place sweet potato in Beaba to steam. Once steamed drain water and blend. Add in bananas until desired consistency. Place in Beaba container or glass mason jars to freeze. Makes approx 24 ounces.

More baby food recipes:

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