f r i d a y favorites

F I V E 

ONE. Striped sunsuit. I got this adorable play suit in the mail this week for Addilyn's 1st birthday. How am I planning a 1st birthday party already:( I seriously can't believe it. Sharing some party planning details next week. Any guesses on the theme? I ordered Isabella this adorable matching dress....we are Alice and Ames addicts. They are hands down Isabella's favorite dresses because "they are the twirliest":)


TWO.Copper cookie pans.  This makes me sound so old but these cookie pans are life. Mine were all stained and warped, and quite frankly embarrassing. I grabbed these at Target a couple months ago and they are amazing. Nothing stick and they are cute, win, win! I'm kind of obsessed with this whole copper Threshold line at Target right now. I've slowly been adding things to my collection:)

THREE. Kroger Clicklist. I'm not sure what took me so long to jump on this bandwagon but I finally did it. I think its because I do 99% of our grocery shopping at Target and me and the kiddos obviously love Target, but lately I've needed more groceries come Sunday even after our mid week Target run, so insert Kroger click list. It's genius, I downloaded the app and just click, click, click. I drive up and pick it up! The kids find it quite fun as well. It's also perfect to grab those things I forgot from my Target run;)
FOUR. Meal planning. With Click List I swear I have become such a better meal planner as well. I basically sit down Sunday morning, plan our weeks meals and order away! Love it! We made these delicious Buffalo chicken sliders this week, not healthy at all but delicious. I made the kiddos these sliders and they are always a hit. About once a week I pull one of my favorite crock pot meals from one of these posts: here, here, or here. This week I made the Crock Pot Southwest Flank Steak from this post. Meal planning has saved my nights and sanity!

FIVE. Spring forward. While no mom has ever said she loves daylight savings time change because duh, let's ruin our kids already bad sleeping, but I am actually ready for Spring forward. It won't feel like I go in to work dark and leave when it's dark. I'm ready for you time change. 

Happy Friday...

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