Christmas gift guides

I know, I know it is early. I am definitely a Thanksgiving before Christmas girl but the last few years I have vowed to have my Christmas shopping done before all the December holiday festivities begin so I can enjoy the season. We still stick to the 5 gift idea: something you want, something you need, something you read, something you wear and big Santa gift...oh, and a stocking stuffed full of fun surprises. Growing up, and still, stockings are one of my favorite parts. It's like a Mary Poppins bag of unending gifts:)

Ring stacker: my obsession for adorable wooden toys continues. How cute is this adorable wooden stacker.

Tegu travel toy: I bought this for Addi a few weeks ago because every time we go into our local boutique she plays with them. This is the absolute perfect set for restaurants and travel.

Large block set: The color of this set is so adorable. I love the easy storage and shapes. Addi would love this.

Doctor kit: I think EVERY toddler needs a cute doctor kit. Ours has definitely been well loved. Imagination play is my favorite. We even have this doctor kit for their dolls.

Shopping cart: my kids have all been obsessed with shopping carts as toddlers. They fill them up with endless toys and take them around the house. This one is SO incredibly adorable!

Bull dozer: Cayson is my tractor obsessed kid. And I'm obsessed with wooden toys. You can't beat the quality and adorableness of this one.

Toolbox: This is the perfect toddler boy gift. Pair it with this adorable tool set and you have all the necessities.

Wellie wishers: Of all the American girl dolls and Our Generation dolls (thanks Target), our Wellie Wishers are my girl's favorite. I will be adding this one to Addi's collection this Christmas. PS Costco typically offers a fun set every Christmas.

Doll bed: My girls definitely need a bed for their dolls. I adore this one. Isabella also loves this bunk bed. One of them will be making its way under our tree. This rainbow doll bedding is SO precious.

Roller skate shoes: My kids have been begging for shoes that turn into roller skates. I think they have been asking for 2 years so when I saw this I think this might be the highlight this year, haha!

Gymnastics mat: Isabella got this for her birthday and she was SO excited. It is the perfect gift for your budding tumbler or active boys. 

Wellie Wisher: As I said before these are my girl's favorites. Isabella even chose her Wellie Wisher over her full size American Girl doll for a recent birthday party. 

Our Generation Ice cream truck: Isabella has been asking for this for almost a year. This may end up as her Santa gift this year. 

Earring organization: My girl loves her some organization and this is the perfect size earring organizer. I'm so tired of them all laying around in multiple jewelry boxes, I think this will be the perfect solution. 

Craft box: Isabella saw one of these recently at our favorite restaurant Up and said it was the best thing ever. I grabbed this at the Container Store, with a little monogram and some crafts inside I think she will love it.  

Microphone: Our kids love to put on "Shows" and entertain these days. I think this would be a perfect addition to their show;)

Hover board: When Isabella and Cayson saw this in the Target Christmas ad they both have begged for it. I don't think they are quite ready for it but maybe in a couple years. I told them the ad said they had to be 8-10 years old;)

Puzzle: Cayson is my puzzle obsessed kids. I love all of Crate and Kids puzzles and this geography on is perfect for learning too.

Tool set: This tool set is perfect. I love the quality of the wooden tools and its carrying case.

Tool bench: I have eyed this bench for the last 2 years. Cayson may be a little old for it now but I think its adorable for that 2-5 year old range.

Tree house: This Heart and Hand tree house is adorable. Cayson got this Crate and Kids tree house for his 3rd birthday and it is a favorite. The kids all play with it all the time. The Hearth and Hand even comes with some cute animals. Their dollhouses are my girl's favorites as well.

Remote control car: Cayson is remote control car obsessed. I don't think he could ever have too many.

Jenga: For the boy who loves to build things and knock them over this is the best skilled game:)

Nintendo switch: Cayson is eyeing one of these. With his iPad I'm not sure it is necessary but every boy currently wants one.

Roller shoes: both big kids have been begging for these. I think they will be a highlight this year.

Chalk: what kid wouldn't love some unicorn chalk. My girls are obsessed with all the things unicorn these days.

Maileg mouse: Maileg mice and toys are on the top of our list. They are so adorable and so well made. They are one of my favorite things to gift and my kids play with them all the time. They are the perfect size for doll houses as well.

Tea set: every girl needs a fun tea set. Isabella has one from Pottery barn kids and it is a huge hit.

Taco, Goat, Cheese, Pizza: this game if you have not played it, it is so fun. Your kids need it I promise.

Babylit books: these are some of my kids favorite (maybe mommy's too). I love the stories and illustrations. Also, Costco has a fun set right now too. I grabbed it for Addilyn already!

Bath bombs: anyone else's kids obsessed. My kids will take a bath any day for a bath bomb, but a bath bomb with a toy inside is even better.

Tegu blocks: Best travel and restaurant gift ever. Perfect stocking stuffer size too!


Ugg slippers-This are a must for everyone on your list. I am in love with mine and think this year the hubs needs a pair.

Dyson-V10-if you have floors you need this. This has absolutely changed my life. Where have you been all my life? I ordered one last year but apparently oversold so I never got around to ordering another one until I was forced to. You guys I promise this will be the best thing you have ever purchased. We did the V10 animal because, ugh dog hair, but I have heard they are all amazing!

Beats-since the hubs is not an Apple user I grabbed him these Beats and he loves them. So do I when he wants to watch things late at night. It's a win, win!

AirPods-hands down one of my other most favorite items of all time. I even love phone conversations with them. Better than speaker phone or having to hold it right by my head!

Google Nest Hub-This is on the top of both of our want lists this year. I love that it will put eerything centrally located and love the monitor screen that can show our front door. I would love to get rid of the eye sore one we have now:)

Fire pit-one of my favorite IG girls raved about this recently and now I think we absolutely NEED one for our outdoor patio;)

Nest-We have this down stairs and I will be snatching one as soon as the Black Friday sales start for our upstairs. Love that it will switch between AC and heat, 100% necessary with this ridiculous Texas weather.

What's on your kid's list? What's on your must have list?
Happy shopping!!

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