Back to school favorites....

School looks a little different this year but we are headed back to school none the less. Let's give each other some grace and encourage mother's who made these important decisions for their kids...instead of questioning or doubting others decisions let's support each other and encourage each other along the way. Know whatever you chose, you did what was best for your family. My kids begin E-learning Thursday and Lord willing will head back to in person on September 3rd. We've got this mamas. 

Thankfully our office reno finished just in time and we are ready. I do need a new bar stool and love these and these. I can't find one to match what I already have:(

We borrowed a Chromebook from the school for Isabella because we couldn't find one to purchase. Target has some now and if this becomes a long standing thing we will be grabbing one or maybe even two so the kids can get used to them since we have primarily Mac products at home. 

The kiddos didn't get new back packs this year but if you've been around awhile you know we love us some State BagsPBK backpacks and the Fjallraven back packs.  Cayson did get a new lunchbox and he of course picked this Minecraft one:)

I'm obsessed with the color of these Thermos water bottles and now my kids need new ones, right?!

These headphones were the perfect price and the colors are so fun.

Makes me sad to have to be purchasing face masks but I am proud of my kiddos and their resiliency and adaptability. They never question me when they need to wear one and Addi always wants to wear one if I have one on. These Cat & Jack ones are some of my favorites...I love how they go high on their noses so hopefully will limit their need to pull them up all the time plus for $4 for 2, you can't beat that. 

Hand sanitizer even pre-Corona have always been a favorite for my kiddos...I am loving that More than Magic has all these fun cases at Target right now! Grabbed this video game one for Cayson and the tie-dye for Isabella;)

These collapsible pencil boxes with their monogram are perfection of course:) I grabbed this adorable binder for Isabella prior to our last trip knowing it will be perfect to keep her school things organized. 

Linking last year's favorites here.

What does your back to school look like? Did you choose e-learning, in person or homeschooling?

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