Valentine favorites...


You guys...I know, I know it is early but I found this letter pillow and HAD to have it and had to share it. I know it will sell out so here we are. Valentine's ideas on December 28th. I apologize in advance but you have to get these items before they are gone!!

If you haven't jumped on the Dash waffle maker, you have to get the heart. I'm sure you've seen this everywhere but the cinnamon roll waffle is here on my easy, festive and delicious!

Grabbed these heart plates this week and they will be a staple. They only had 3 and I grabbed them all but I will be back for me.

A festive towel lands on my stove every holiday. Love this heart one!

Festive pillows are an absolute favorite....heart pillow, Be mine pillow, and multiple heart pillow are all perfection! I think all these pillows will sell out!

Christmas decor is down, NYE is going up and I'm already dreaming of Valentine's decor!

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