Five on Friday




ONE. Organizational kick....for as long as I can remember I have LOVED organization. I used to tell my mom I was going to organize my room or bathroom. The love runs deep. Life has been so busy the last several years but I have had this desire to keep my life/ home organized and I am on a kick right now. Empty closets, cabinets, buying all the bins....and it feels so good. We haven't moved in 10 years, I still can't believe it, before this home I moved every single year for the 10 years before that, crazy!! With moving comes purging, with no moving comes little purging, am I right?! So here we are organizing and purging!

Pillow organizer....I bought one of these last year for Christmas pillows and it has changed my life. I grabbed a 2nd to organize my other holiday/seasonal pillows and now I question why I didn't do it years ago!

Christmas tree bag-one of our faux Christmas trees has berries and snow on it so doesn't close up very tight and we finally found this bag that will fit the whole thing, actually the hubs wins for finding it.

Clear bins-the Bright room for Target has changed my life, they are so similar to the Container store bins but we all know I live at Target so it is so much more convenient. I bought several square for under cabinets and our refrigerator. I bought 4 of the turn tables for under cabinets and our fridge as well. The long rectangle clear bins hold 4 mini Dash waffler makers, winning, how many Dash waffle makers is too many?! haha

This baggie organizer might be the most favorite organizer I didn't even know I needed!! Same with this grocery bag organizer....why have I not already had these?!

TWO. Addilyn's desk....we added the sweetest bow drawer pulls to Addilyn's desk and I love how it transformed it. Now I'm on the hunt for the cutest desk chair...was thinking pink and gold but I honestly can't decide;)

THREE. Clear bags...I shared on IG and my previous gymnastics post about our family all needing clear bags this year for event centers. I'm rounding up a few of our faves and some fun crossbody options. I just leave a clear bag in my car now at all times for emergencies!!

If you have a designer cross body strap you love definitely grab one of these or here with detachable straps, who cute would that be?! This super studded one is so fun, but the strap does not detach thought you could cute it off and exchange. Love this Marc Jacobs strap and this Etsy store has so may cute straps. This strap one looks very Gucci-esque. I wish I had seen these fun rose gold clear backpacks before grabbing Izzy a black one, I frantic ordered before doing this research for you;) Love this one with the polka dots and additional bag.  Addi did get the rainbow one and she is obsessed, it is definitely on the larger size so holds tons. 

FOUR. Snaggle tooth...Cayson has lost 3 teeth in the span of 2 weeks. Izzy lost SO many teeth and way too fast, hence all the early orthodontics and didn't have the true snaggle tooth look like Cayson. I am loving this sweet toothless look. He was disappointed that after his 3rd tooth he still only got $5. The tooth fairy apparently needs to be more generous;) Shared all our tooth fairy favorites here. This is the adorable tooth fairy Cayson has.

She wanted her picture too:)

FIVE. Party favors...I embarked on a fun girl's trip a few weekends ago and didn't show my party favor pics here. I've shared our love/tradition of bringing party favors and they never disappoint. I grabbed my absolute favorite designer coasters at Eden Lifestyle boutique one of my favorite local shops especially for gifts. They were a huge hit and such a classic. They sell out fast but you can call and get your name on their waiting list!

Izzy had a her bestie's birthday party while I was gone...I grabbed here this always loved bead set, bath bomb and this adorable bathing suit for the girls to match. 

And my favorite cooler and suitcase of course!

Happy Friday...and happy beginning of Spring Break for us!!

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